Automotive Paint

In 1909, Model T Fords were painted with solvent-based varnish paint that had a relatively short service life. The paint was glossy, but it had such indistinguishable colors that greens, blues, and blacks all appeared the same color. When exposed to the weather and the environment, varnish paint quickly broke down and cracked, allowing rust and corrosion to set in.

In contrast, the paint used on late-model vehicles is vibrant, fade-resistant, and extremely corrosion-resistant. Today’s vehicle finishes are also multi-layered, water-based, and refined with a durable clearcoat.

How does the factory paint my car?
Modern automotive paint is a sophisticated blend of resins, binders, fillers, additives, and carrying agents (solvents or water). Some paint mixes offer high gloss, but at the expense of durability. Other paints are extremely durable, but lack the vibrant color of their glossy counterparts. Each manufacturer chooses a custom paint mixture for the vehicles they manufacture.

While the original Model Ts were painted entirely by hand, nearly every modern vehicle is painted using an automated process on a vehicle assembly line, which produces a consistent, high-quality paint job. Hand painting is still done today, but since it is very labor intensive, this type of painting is limited to only very expensive or limited-production vehicles.   more…

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First drive: Jaguar F-Type Coupe

Ah, the F-type with the roof. Make much of a difference, does it?

Just a bit. The F-type coupe is the stiffest car Jaguar has ever made. In fact, the more engineering savvy among you will appreciate that a figure of 33,000Nm per degree makes it one of the most rigid cars ever. The F-type convertible is as solid as convertibles come. This thing is twice as stiff. It’s a proper prize-fighter, an impression that’s firmly underlined with the addition of a roof. The convertible is the image builder, and with more than 10,000 sold since it arrived a year ago it’s doing the job for Jaguar. But this is the one we’ve been waiting for. It also looks mighty, particularly as your eye arrives at the rear end.

So how does it feel?

Uncompromising. Jaguar let us loose on a circuit called Motorland, deep in the northern Spanish wilderness. It’s an FIA level one approved track, 3.2 miles long, and a MotoGP venue. It’s also extremely tricky in places with the sort of hard-to-sight apexes and blind crests that challenge the driver and punish a wayward chassis. The F-type R – coincidentally Jag’s fastest ever car round the ‘Ring, with a 7 min 39secs lap time – is stupendously good. More…

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For sale: Four Ferraris for $30 million+

Another day, another multi-million dollar Ferrari auction. Today it’s the turn of the effortlessly graceful 250 GT California Spider that headlines a spectacular line-up of Prancing Horses.

Ah yes, the GT California Spider. Easily the prettiest Ferrari ever made, no? This is a SWB version, with the covered headlights that Scaglietti only applied to 37 of the 56 Spiders built.

Not only that, but this particular car comes with a hard-top as well, again one of few California drop-tops to feature it. We’re told it’s lived a charmed life, including ownership in the custody of Oscar-nominated actress Barbara Hershey, as well as featuring at events like the Concorso Italiano and Cavallino Classic.

And after a 14 year period, this car is now coming up for sale at Gooding & Company’s Pebble Beach sale in August. The price estimate? A whopping $15 million, which is around £8.8 million. No surprise, given that Chris Evans spent £5.5 million in 2008 on a California Spider.   More…

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Aston Martin takes aim at future Ferraris with new models

The British luxury and GT car company wants to reinvent itself as a true supercar maker and is planning a car to compete with the best that the Prancing Horse can offer by 2016.

Aston Martin has never had any problems in competing with its rivals in terms of comfort or style. Even when the company has been in the throes of bankruptcy it has somehow managed to keep building cars that redefine automotive attractiveness.

However, in terms of out-and-out performance, it has been falling slowly behind its main rivals for a number of years, and today’s range of cars are still a beauty to behold, but are starting to lack in other departments.

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See if you can find $89,000 in damage on this new Ferrari California


If you like to while away the hours paging through salvage car auctions looking for that one misplaced gem you could buy for a song, you can’t help but rubberneck at the misfortune of supercars. At any given moment several new Ferraris or Lamborghinis sit in salvage yards, typically because they were either caught in flood waters or fell victim to their owners’ lack of control behind the wheel.

But this 2014 Ferrari California, sold new for $278,000, tells a different, and more unusual, story. It’s only been driven 430 miles; it’s bone dry, and if you walked past it on the street you might think it was in perfect shape. Yet it’s been totaled and cast into the salvage yards for the economic burden of its repair costs, estimated at a shocking $89,000.

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It’s the Mini Superleggera concept

Good God. It’s the Mini Superleggera concept


Press your red trousers, internet, because concourse season is upon us. Which spurred Mini to team up with legendary coachbuilders, Touring Superleggera, and create this one-off EV speedster… thing.

But unlike most concepts, which have loosely tangible purposes like previewing styling ideas, the Mini Superleggera Vision seems to have been built for absolutely no reason beyond some lawn ornamentation at Villa d’Este. A bit like those retrogasmic efforts from BMW we got excited about last month.

So, the facts. The Vision’s been put together like a proper superleggera (translation: superlight). That means that there’s an alloy spaceframe (lots of thin alloy tubes) chassis, which is covered in large hand-beaten alloy sheets – that explains why there aren’t any panels gaps.

See more…
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It’s an 1100bhp Rolls-Royce powered boat!

Have you ever heard a Supermarine Spitfire on a flyby? It’s quite a thing, and largely because inside a Supermarine Spitfire sits a 27-litre Rolls-Royce ‘Merlin’ V12 engine.

And while you might imagine fitting this magnificent piece of British engineering into many things to make them excellent, a design studio plans to do exactly that. Claydon Reeves is making a superboat, and in its superboat will sit a detuned RR Merlin V12. Tally ho!

Reeves’ super-yacht is called the ‘Aeroboat’, and it is building just 12 of these 7700kg luxury seafarers, with the design inspire by the “sleek lines of the famous Spitfire fighter”, including an authentic air intake scoop, aircraft inspired switchgear and the shock-mounted forward seats, a nod to the Spitfire’s own landing gear.


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Meet the Rezvani Beast, an American-built road and track attacker

Rezvani Beast


The custom supercar game sports a lot of players and not much success; for every Koenigsegg or Pagani who’ve managed to build a real business, there’s a dozen one-name outfits that show off a design or two then never get off the bench. The latest entry comes from an American designer, who’s targeting a more realistic goal rather than reinventing the carbon-fiber wheel.

It’s called the Rezvani Beast, designed by California builder Fardees Rezvani. Based on the chassis of the Ariel Atom, the Beast wraps a lightweight and stylish carbon-fiber body around the bare-bones track car, along with an interior that makes the Beast a more comfortable place to spend time on the road. (There’s even an optional windshield, something traditional Atom buyers consider a buzzkill.) 

“We wanted to get back to the basics,” Fardees Rezvani told Yahoo Autos. “We wanted to get back to a raw feel, a car with real tactile feedback, with a lightweight chassis.” And while the Atom is popular with people who want a track toy, Rezvani said it held little appeal elsewhere. “The Atom is fast up to 80 mph, but then it would hit a wall because of wind and aerodynamics. We can give this car a world-class design, but keep it ultralight and streamlined — make it appealing to road drivers.”


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Is this the world’s coolest Mercedes?

In the 1970s, Mercedes-Benz launched the W123 series; a precursor to the E-Class. It’s a very cool car, virtually indestructible and even served as James May’s chariot for the TG Botswana special.

In the 1980s, Bill’s Auto & Body converted a W123 series Mercedes-Benz 300TD into a pickup truck, and in the process made it possibly the coolest Mercedesin the world.

Well, if not the coolest, then at least one of them. Details about the build – or indeed the reasoning behind it – are scant, but it appears the 300TD’s estate rear was chopped, and replaced with a proper working tailgate from a “1980s era Chevrolet El Camino bed”, including the rear window and trim


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